Long Lonely Road Through The Woods Free Image DownloadI would like to start my Quest experience here with a question…

— How many of you have heard this famous dialogue from an anonymous movie, “…Din ka Nashta Punjab me, Lunch Dilli me, aur Raat ka Khana Bangalore me karenge!!” ??

Well, not precisely these cities, but I was fortunate enough to have had experienced having the three meals of your single day, in three different towns located in three different states of our country, That too on a Road trip, with the kind of “fun loving” company I could ever get, and on top of everything, it all happened under the guided umbrella of the person I consider my Mentor, Bestie, Big-bro, BFF, ….. You name the post, he earned it.!!
Using the term “Partners in Crime” would be “Cool”, but even his just existence changes the meaning of the word “Crime” used above..!
Well, any journey member reading this would understand what I meant.. ;)
Speaking of which, I can’t pin-point every single detail in this sweet-short blog of mine, hence though, making in use of the scissors of censorship, would like to jump off to where I left..
(For the remaining… mmmm.. Maybe I would love to write it in another blog (grin smile))

As our journey unwraps, with the thrilling sights of the SHOOTING speedometer, we head towards the homeland of the person for whom this whole journey was planned-up on the first place,. Getting a sober and sweet treatment from the family members, and discussions of career for the younger ones, we headed straight to the place where AB (Maanav sir, bhaiya, mama,etc. Pick your preference, mine’s AB :)) spent their childhood.

Now here’s a thing you learn only by experiencing — “places, monuments, streets may or may-not change, but the place that you make in someone’s heart,. That never changes..”

After wandering through the old memories of street side, the first home itself in which we stepped in, took us as though we’ve been their own family for ages… An incomparably typical heartwarming Punjabi welcome..!
And as longer we stayed, the more we stepped on the wings of time, to cherish those priceless momories which AB got to relive again, and we got the delight to be a part of it…

Words being Finite ,. can’t suffice those parts of Infinite feelings…

Saying our goodbyes we carried the journey back to homecity,. Where on the way back, we filled up our sacks of mind with the more knowledge of art to how to live,.. How to live ahead,.. And How to keep living,..

Refreshing, enthusiastic, mind brushing, and the journey filled with fun, and yet waiting for the upcoming one, :D
Now leaving the blog with a short example of MAGIC,. .. Magic of the power that a single sentence made of handful words have, to bring up the memories of many years spent,. In a fraction of second…
In case of AB, I’d like to do a “gustakhi(what we say in Hindi) and steal those magical words from your childhood friend this once to elaborate the above Magic–

–“Kadi khani aa??” :D ;)

(Disclaimer: for others, the above line is in punjabi, if you don’t get a meaning out of it, please don’t try and burn your minds.. Lol :D)