A Bank Engineer’s Diary

Manu bhaiya pranam


My batch has formed in ICICI Manipal Academy, I am in batch 18A. There are 60 students in my class and there are 8 more batches. We have class room program of 9 months  in Banglore campus and 3 months of internship in ICICI branch.After that they will give the degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance and joining in ICICI and even after that if you want to complete MBA you can do through distance education in 18 months.


Although I have no pressure of studies in ICICI Manipal Academy but they are very strict about discipline and rules and regulations.


Most hilarious thing is that we must report on ground at 5.15 am compulsorily otherwise fine of Rs750 will be charged and a written complaint will be send to ICICI and this will be add in employee profile and 4 officials complaints and we will come to an end.I remember that you always suggest us to wake at 5am or before 5am now I have to wake up at 4.30 “pahle hi aaapki baat man leta to itni pareshani nahi uthani padti”.

After PT they leave us on 6.20am and the session will start from 9.00 am to 6.00pm. There is no word like holiday except from Sunday, even on Saturday we must report in academy and stay there for 3 hours. We have our first official holiday on 15th August.


One more thing that brings smile on my face is that here in academy everyone is kept on asking me that “tum baith kar paani kyon peete ho?”

(why you sit down while drinking water)  and i just smile and remain silent.

thank you




hello bhaiya


We have one trimester of 3 months and there are 3 trimesters. After 2nd trimester they will give the specific profile in 3rd trimester. The main categorization are

1.Rural Banking

2.Retail Banking

3.Trade and Finance (Corporate Banking)


They give these profiles according to their parameters we have no idea about what we will get and where will get posted. Well, seniors have the aspiration for trade and finance but i do not know what is good for me.


One more thing i want to say is that on last Sunday (6th may) you told us that “tell me your secret or sin I WILL EVAPORATE IT ” wanted to confess one thing but do not have the courage to tell face to face at that day and still do not have.what should i do ?????? May i mail you ??? Will you evaporate it ????

Yours obediently



Manu Bhaiya pranaam

Meri Jai ho

I realized that wishes get fulfilled, but we do not know what to wish and how to pray ???

  1. Actually one day my  parents were worrying about me and about my career then at that day I prayed to god “please mere parents ko April-may tak meri responsibilities se free kar do” and yes it happened I am in Manipal University and getting stipend of Rs 2500 and at the same time I got the loan from ICICI,that will be paid by me after the final joining.


  1. My cousins are in prestigious institutes of India like IIT,IISC so I have desire for institute which has 2I’s so  wished that “please give me  the institution or organization with at least two I’s. My wish again got fulfill as god so many options I got  ICICI, never thought of ICICI (yes it has two I’s, mujhe mangna nahi aaya )


  1. The strangest and the precious wish that fulfilled is that during last year may 2011 in our HTL School two uncles did meditation with you and after that they shared their experiences about meditation with you. So I have a desire to do meditation with you so for two consecutive Sundays I prayed in front of guru ji that i wanted to do meditation with Manu bhaiya….. and after sometime I forgot about this, then before rainy season you realized that we need to make roof, then after the roof is built you decided to do meditation in the hall with everyone(during September). First two Sundays I didn’t realist that my wish get fulfilled but third Sunday I didn’t manage to come on time I was feeling bad that I missed meditation then I realized that my wish got fulfilled and I thanked to Guru ji. (so after this whole process of making roof and all that tiring activities in which all of you did hard-work I realized that God has mysterious ways to fulfill your wishes)

Thank you for the meditations


Assistant Manager (thanks again)




Manu Bhaiya Pranam


The SIN i committed, my secret…………………….



whenever i found you alone I wanted to tell you but do not have the heart to tell you.but when you said tell your secrets and sin i will evaporate it. then from that day gathering courage to tell you.

one thought which always come to my mind is “if you trust someone then trust him blindly either he will prove you

blind or make you better ”


make me better,

free me form this sin



Yours Obediently




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,

Happy Birthday Bhaiya ji…..

My internals are over and marks are also displayed, my marks are as follows :


  1. Communication skills
    Communication skills 2
    3. Basics of IT
    4. General Management concept
    5. Macroeconomics
    6. Basics of Banking
    i have final exams on 1-2-3 august. Hoping to perform good.Yours obediently





Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


1st trimester exams are over after the exams went to Tirupati Balaji, richest temple in the world. Trip was very good. First time sat in the AC bus (Volvo). 2nd trimester has started from 6 august. This trimester is highly focused only on Banking subjects.

1.Business communication skills

2.F1 (Banking and environment)

3.F2 (Deposits and services)

4.F3 (Indian Financial system)



Also we have exam of NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) passing marks for this exam is 80%.


Yours obediently




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


As you told me that not to go to PUB/BAR I realized now. Before 2 weeks My friends got caught drinking in the hostel premises, they were fined with the amount of Rs 2500 and one letter is sent to their home and one is to ICICI Bank, HR was so angry on them, gave final warning to them. Facing so much humiliation from everyone. Although they were doing this for the first time, But it was not permitted. If you didn’t told me, then might be I was also roaming with them and got caught by the warden, Thanks for Saving.


I have exam of NSDL (National Security Depository Limited) on 15 September .

One more thing I want to say is that “I feel like that my knowledge is less than others, not getting confidence on what I am  learning. Not managing my time properly. Want to do more hard-work with more FOCUS on studies.


Yours Obediently





this is my result,. In my class 29 students (total 59) scored 8 or above 8 GPA (out of 10).




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


My friends are planing for Goa, on 1,2,3 and 4 November.

May I go with them ?????


Meanwhile there was a National Securities Depository limited exam on 15 September, I was the only one in my class who failed the exam. But in the second time on 29september I passed with 73%. Internals for 2nd term are also over, my score is 73%. Final exams are on 25th September.




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


Bhaiya I went to Goa. Enjoyed a lot.


I did parasailing, that was awesome, I felt like I was flying. Stayed near to Calingutte beach. By seeing the high tides during the night time, for the first time in my life I realized that we have no control over natures power. During night time sea was so scary. But during day time we took bath in the sea, water currants was so powerful, it always throw you back, that was thrilling and exciting.


We hired activa for 3 days for traveling purpose. I went to St. Francis Church, situated in old Goa, St Francis came to India in 1562, he left his body in 1582 (not remembered the exact date). Then after his death, his body was preserved and kept safe. His body is still safe in coffin in the church, we can see the body. People lights candle in front of him (rituals, one man came to me and said “Candle jalao, body wala church hai sari wish puri  hongi” but I didn’t light the candle, didn’t feel like that).


I saw foreigners, they are also human beings like us, not at all special and different.


Thanked to god for such a beautiful trip and thank you also.


My second term is over, third term has started from Monday, students were divided into Retail banking, Rural Banking, Privilege Banking and Trade Finance. I have got Retail Banking. Joining place will come after           January 15,2013.


Yours Obediently





Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


I have got posting in Nerul Sector 23, Navi Mumbai

as Branch Sales Manager- Current Account and Savings Account.





Bhaiya Pranam,


Sales nahi ho rahi hai mujhse.




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


I think, partially I got the meaning of line “”The office was brought for you, not you for the office”. When I was preparing for competitive exams I read an article about the infrastructure and pollution control of cities. Then at that time I imagined what kind of infrastructure cities should have, where should industrial areas be placed. Navi Mumbai is exactly like that (what I have imagined).


Might be it is Materializing a city for me by god (ki tune socha tha par maine toh bana hi diya) or (tu jo sochega us se pahle main wo kar k dikha dunga).May be thats why I am in mumbai. We should be very careful about what we are thinking 🙂 . But I have one more question to ask (please don’t get angry because of this question), Can i live in Bhopal happily with parents and at the same time earning good money ???????


Yours obediently





Manu Bhaiya Pranam,


Last time when I visited to bhopal, after that my profile has been changed. The new profile is Branch Business Manager(Relationship manager for new current accounts), this profile is better than the previous one (branch sales manager). In this profile I get chance to meet the new customers and understand their businesses. Although, still I need to improve a lot. Bhaiya but one of my senior (,Cluster Branch Manager(super boss)) wanted to change my profile, I want to be in this profile because their is chance that I can go into corporate banking group.


I am also confused with the MBA program by ICICI bank (only bank oriented, not recognized everywhere), should I continue with it or should I do correspondent MBA from other university. They will charge around 1.5 lacs for this, if it will not have recognization then it will be a waste of money and time. Please suggest for this.


Yours Obediently





Bhaiya pranam


why i am not a good decision maker/smart ?


yesterday i did blunder in Regional processing center the 2nd most sensitive place of bank, even i can be terminated ……..  aur mujhe bhi nahi pata why i did that ?????


save me


pata nahi kahan dhyan rehta hai mera, focused nahi rahta main


aapke sath reh kar bhi sab kuch nai sikha …





banking nahi kuch bhi karne laga hu…….

but I’ll change and improve

after all I am a soul full of all powers.


thank you




Manu Bhaiya Pranam,

Sorry bhiaya, aapki ek baat bhul gaya tha. jo job ,jo designation mila hai use pahle pyaar karo. and jo apni pahli job se pyar nahi karta wo sahi banda nahi hai. Then sab thik hoga. Lets see how gracefully, i can do the job of branch sales manager for current accounts. and how bravely i can fight with the challenges. miss you, your treats. bless me…………

Yours obediently





Dear Smt Smriti Iraniji,

At the drop of a hat, every government, including yours, says that subsidies are bad for the economy and should be done away with.

Many of the subsidies in your ministry are going to those who don’t deserve it. IITians are the most guilty of this pilferage. To make things worse, they hardly do anything for the country. Best-selling fiction is not known to help farmers.

1) To begin with, this is what they cost us
While it takes over Rs 3.4 lakh to educate an IITian per year, the student pays only Rs 90,000 per year. The rest is borne by the government. That is close to Rs 2.5 lakh per student per year, which is being paid by the tax payer. If one extrapolates this to all the 39,540 students in the Indian Institute of Technologies, the cost borne by the tax payer on educating IITians extends to 988.5 crore annually.


According to budget estimates, Rs 1703.85 crore is to be allocated to the IITs for 2015-’16.

2) What do we get in return for the Rs 1,700 crore we spend on them?
In spite of producing 9,885 world-class engineers in computer science, electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical, production fields every year…

a) The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, though successful with the Russian Cryogenic Engine, has time and again failed with the indigenous cryogenic engine. We have succeeded only once with our indigenous cryogenic rocket.

b) Indigenous submarines are still a distant dream because of the technological complexity in building them. Though many projects are coming up in our own shipyards, they are happening because we are merely manufacturing them in India with foreign technology.


) The indigenous Indian Small Arms System rifles for our army, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization, have always been reported as problematic, and we import assault rifles from Israel.

Why could our world-class engineers, who are educated with tax payers’ money, not have built them?

3) This is what our top IITians gave a miss
A Right to Information application that was filed recently has shown that less than 2% of engineers at the Indian Space Research Organization are from IITs and the National Institutes of Technology. Our best space programme doesn’t get our best engineers every year.

The army doesn’t get engineers and officers from the IITs. Between 1986 and 2006, not a single IITian has joined the Indian army.

The DRDO has a shortage of more than 2,700 scientists, and it is stretched and overworked, but our world-class engineers don’t find it challenging.


4) If an IITian wants to run an online shop, then why do I, a taxpayer, have to pay for his chemical engineering degree?
Going by 2013 figures, Flipkart, the online mega-store, recruited seven students from IIT Madras in 2013.

One can understand the logic behind Flipkart hiring a computer science engineer. But six of the hires had studied aerospace, chemical, metallurgy, bio-technology and engineering physics.  What specialist knowledge will they bring to Flipkart?

These students do not have any interest in what they learnt in their four-year undergraduate programme, and want to erase their history by moving to a different field.

5) Why did I pay for Chetan Bhagat’s mechanical engineering degree?
I have nothing against Chetan Bhagat, but I do know that Indian taxpayers paid to make him a mechanical engineer. He has done everything but engineering.


Another RTI filed with IIM Bangalore has revealed that out of the current batch of 406 students, 97 students are from IITs. Fifty-six of these are students with less than two years work experience.

If all these engineers wanted to be was managers, why does the tax payer need to pay for their engineering education at the IITs?

6) Get a loan, why seek a subsidy?
All students from IITs can get collateral-free loans from nationalized banks for upto Rs 20 Lakh.

And IITians are obviously so awesome that companies are eager to pay them crores of rupees.

Then why should a world-class engineer who makes crores of rupees and adds no value to India be given a subsidize education at the IITs? Can’t they get educated with a bank loan of their own and repay it after getting their huge salaries?


7) Remittances help forex? Nope, not really.
Whenever there is a debate on brain drain from the IITs, the remittances issue pops up. Many believe that IITians who go abroad send back remittances and contribute to foreign exchange reserves. However, it is a pittance for India.

A report in the Economic Times shows that out of the total remittances of $70 billion to India, the remittances from IITians who go to developed countries is much lower than the remittances from the Middle East to the state of Kerala.

Most of the Malayalis in the Gulf are blue-collar workers, not IIT engineers.

So, why should the common man subsidize an IITian’s college fees?










Dear Bhaiya…

Some Customers Aren’t Worth Doing Business With

May 26, 2015

One of my favorite topics to write and speak about is about what happens when the customer is not right.  I love to say it…

The customer is NOT always right!

But, they are always the customer.  So if they are wrong, let them be wrong with dignity and respect. 

It’s okay for customers to be misinformed or make a mistake.  However, sometimes the customer is not only “not right,” they are abusive and disrespectful toward the people who are trying to do their best to help them, our employees.

I decided it was time to resurrect this concept after hearing the same story three times in a week.  It’s an old Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher story that I first heard years ago.  The short version is that a passenger kept writing the airline about how unhappy she was.  She didn’t like the boarding process, not having an assigned seat, a small bag of peanuts versus a meal and more.  After a number of letters, one of them finally made its way to Herb Kelleher, the CEO of the airline.  He took the time to respond.  He wrote:

We’re going to miss you.  Love Herb

This simple response sent a clear message to the customer: We appreciate you, but it’s not working out.  It also sent a message to the employees.  We appreciate you, and we value you to the point that we’re willing to put you ahead of the customer.

Some customers aren’t worth doing business with!

When I use that line in at some of my speaking engagements, it’s almost always is met with applause.  In other words, it’s okay to fire a customer – certain customers!  Abusive and disrespectful customers can bring down the morale of the company.  They can take the fulfillment out of the employees’ jobs.  They can suck the positive energy out of the culture. They put employees into a bad mood.  And, they can make it bad for the next customer.

A company’s culture that evokes the customer is always right rule is just fine until the customer is wrong to the point of being abusive.  Then it creates a dilemma for the employee.  It gives a customer the advantage in that they can bully an employee, pushing them to a point of being very uncomfortable.  It makes an employee apprehensive about what is the right or wrong thing to do.  It can take away an employee’s dignity and self-respect. It can also cause an employee to lose respect and resent his or her manager and even the company.

The customer is not always right.  And some customers aren’t worth doing business with.  It’s okay.  Toxic customers may be bad for you and your company’s health.


  • 06/12/15 at 7:25 AM






Dear Bhaiya…


Ten Choices You Will Always Regret Making


Hindsight is a funny thing. Look forward and the path seems uncertain, the future unpredictable. Look back and all the dots seem to connect… except the dots that mark the choices you didn’t make, and the risks you didn’t take.

Here are choices you will someday regret having made:

  1. Choosing not to be brave.

Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid — in fact, the opposite is true. Courage without thought or meaning is simply recklessness. Brave people aren’t fearless;they’ve simply found something that matters more to them than fear.

Say you’re scared to start a business. Find a reason that means more: creating a better future for your family, wanting to make a real difference, or hoping for a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Once you find a greater meaning, you also find courage. See fear not as something to shrink from but as something to overcome — because that’s all it is.

  1. Choosing the pain of regret over the pain of discipline.

The worst words you can say are, “If I had only…”

Think of all the things you’ve wanted to do but never have. What did you do instead? If you’re like me, you can’t recall. All you know is that time is gone and whatever you did instead wasn’t even worth remembering.

Think about one thing you dreamed of doing five or 10 years ago but didn’t work to do… and think about how good you’d be today at that one thing if you had. Think about all the time you wasted and can never get back.

Then, starting today, push yourself to do what you hope to do… so five or 10 years from now you won’t look back with regret. Sure it will be hard. Sure it will be painful.

But it will be a lot less painful than how it will someday feel when you look back on what could have been… but isn’t.

  1. Choosing not to say, “I will.”

A boss once gave me what I thought was an impossible task. I said, “OK. I’ll try.”

He told me trying didn’t matter–as long as I didn’t quit, I’d finish it. Trying didn’t enter into it. Persistence was all that mattered.

Often we say, “I’ll try,” because that gives us an out. Our egos aren’t on the line. Our identities aren’t on the line. After all, we’re just “trying.”

Once you say, “I will,” your perspective changes. What previously seemed insurmountable is no longer a matter of luck or chance but of time and effort and persistence.

When what you want to do really matters, don’t say, “I’ll try.” Say, “I will,” and then do everything possible to keep that promise to yourself.

  1. Choosing not to take plenty of shots.

You may never create the perfect business plan, may never find the perfect partners or the perfect market or the perfect location, but you can find the perfect time to start — because that time is now.

Talent, experience, and connections are important, but put your all into enough new things, and some will work.

Plus, after you take enough shots, over time you’ll grow more skilled, more experienced, and more connected. And that will mean an even greater percentage of your efforts will succeed. Take enough shots, and learn from each experience, and in time you’ll have all the skills, knowledge, and connections you need.

Ultimately, success is a numbers game; it’s all about taking a shot, over and over and over again. The more shots you take, the more times you will succeed. So get the power of numbers on your side and take as many shots as you can.

There is no guarantee of success, but when you don’t take any shots at all, you’re guaranteed to always fail.

  1. Choosing not to move.

Familiarity creates comfort. But comfort is often the enemy of improvement.

If you have a great opportunity and the only thing holding you back is the thought of moving, move. If you want to be closer to family or friends and the only thing holding you back is the thought of moving, move. If you want to be closer to people who think and feel and act like you, move. (When I asked singer/songwriter Lee Brice for the one piece of advice he would give any aspiring country artist, he said, “Move to Nashville.”)

When the fear of moving is the only thing holding you back, move.

Don’t worry. You’ll soon find cool new places to hang out. You’ll soon develop new routines. You’ll soon make new friends. And you’ll gain a great new perspective on your life.

Besides, Thomas Wolfe was wrong. If it doesn’t work out, you can go home again.

  1. Choosing not to let go.

Bitterness, resentment, and jealousy are like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You are the only one who loses.

Life is too short to resent all the people who may have hurt you. Let hard feelings go.

Then spend the energy you save cherishing the people you love and who love you.

  1. Choosing not to say you’re sorry.

We all make mistakes, so we all have things we need to apologize for: words, actions, omissions, failing to step up, step in, to be there when we’re needed…

Swallow your fear — or pride — and say you’re sorry. Then you’ll help the other person let go of their resentment or bitterness.

And then you both get to make the freshest of fresh starts, sooner instead of later — or instead of never.

  1. Choosing not to throw out your backup plans.

Backup plans can help you sleep easier at night. But backup plans can also create an easy out when times get tough.

You will work a lot harder and a longer if your primary plan has to work because there is no other option. Total commitment — without a safety net — will spur you to work harder than you ever imagined possible.

Then, if somehow the worst does happen (although the “worst” is never as bad as you think), trust that you will find a way to rebound.

As long as you keep working hard and keep learning from your mistakes, you always will.

  1. Choosing to be too proud.

Don’t be too proud to admit you made a mistake. Don’t be too proud to have big dreams, or to poke fun at yourself, or to ask other people for help.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and fall on your face… and then to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go again.

Instead, take pride in the fact that no matter what might happen, you will always get up and go again.

That way, you never truly lose — and your dreams can never, ever die.

  1. Choosing not to care.

Rejection hurts. Sadness hurts. Failure hurts; sometimes a lot. So what do you do?

You avoid getting hurt by deciding you no longer care. But then you never get to experience the joy of connection, the joy of happiness, and the joy of success.

Choose to still be in the game. Choose to care.

Choose to live.

Now it’s your turn. What things do you hope to never to regret?