HTL School

HTL School is the place for people from all walks of life, all age groups, to make a sincere effort to scrutinize themselves to the core, and endeavour to achieve in life what has been considered impractical or bizarre by the world(Family, Society, System). This is the platform to rediscover the spark present in each one of us but long buried beneath various constraints in life.

Today’s burning thought process is that, one is not able to do , live as per one’s capacity and the world is hell bent on proving you incompetent. Even though you may be having enormous potential, still you are submerged in never ending, demands of today’s living. With a very unbiased approach, THE PATRON of this organization guides you to discover the diamond from the coal-mine of worldly impulsions, but even a mother feeds her baby only when it cries, so you need to speak up.

Don’t wait for stress to increase to such an extent that life becomes uncontrollable and unmanageable. Don’t wait for the fall to come to us. Put your life’s problems across to us so that they do not get in your head and it turns into a headache or worse, paralyse you. Stress management is what you are taught in this school.
We all have come here in this world with a definite purpose but get deviated in the mad rat race. This is exactly when A MENTOR(PATRON) with unflinching integrity in whom you can confide those things which even one shudders to share with oneself, steps in .Faith in Him is like that of a child who is thrown in air but does not fear, for the child knows that those hands will not let it fall. When you row life’s boat through oars of this school in this rowdy world’s ocean, you can be sure that your boat will not sink(It may tossed violently in this ocean’s unruly waves).He can motivate even the dullest of a person and encourages the inquiry and questioning approach of today’s people.

How to bring balance in our living irrespective of what stage of life you are in, is excelled here.

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120,”Eklavya”, River View Street
ODG Road, Bhojpur Road
Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh-464551, India

 +91 755 645 8888
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