Average Student

Inferior than few, superior than the rest. What it’s like to be an AVERAGE STUDENT
We are not Good, We are not bad either. We are called Average. We are everywhere; schools, colleges, coaching, offices, everywhere. We are in majority. And we have a roller coaster life. There are so many challenges that only average people get to face.
Be it any meeting or an event, we are always ignored by our teachers, bosses. Our performance hardly bothers anybody. If a dumb student scores good marks, he’s in the news, if an intelligent student scores bad marks; it’s again news. But when we go up or down on our grades, there is barely anybody to notice.
We are always under estimated
There is always at least one teacher who takes us for granted and lectures us more about how the world is tough and we need to improve rather than helping us with our problems. Also we are criticized by our colleagues and mates. They’re always few people who are sure we can’t compete with them.
Results! Punishments! Believe it or not, they matter to us THE MOST
Okay we are not going to keep our fingers crossed for scholarships but that doesn’t make us any less stressed. Poor performers? Oh, they’ll fail. Toppers? Oh, no problem, they’ll pass anyway. What is going to happen with us? Are we going to pass with 3rd division? Or we’re going to fail? OMG! OMG! Tension! Punishment scares shit out of us. There are people who either always or never get punished. And in between them, lies our situation.
Few things are never, never for us.
Its not that we don’t try enough. We are as hard working as any other person, but being an average few things are never vacant for us. Be it the position of Class Monitor or any other badge, we always dream of them but never actually get them.