Beautiful Goa Trip

Manu Bhaiya Pranam,

Bhaiya I went to Goa. Enjoyed a lot.

I did parasiling, that was awesome, I felt like I was flying. Stayed near to Calingutte beach. By seeing the high tides during the night time, for the first time in my life I realized that we have no control over natures power. During night time sea was so scary. But during day time we took bath in the sea, water currants was so powerful, it always throw you back, that was thrilling and exciting.

We hired acitva for 3 days for travelling purpose. I went to St. Francis Church, situated in old Goa, St Francis came to India in 1562, he left his body in 1582 (not remembered the exact date). Then after his death, his body was preserved and kept safe. His body is still safe in coffin in the church, we can see the body. People lights candle in front of him (rituals, one man came to me and said “Candle jalao, body wala church hai sari wish puri  hongi” but I didn’t light the candle, didn’t feel like that).

I saw foreigners, they are also human beings like us, not at all special and different.

Thanked to god for such a beautiful trip and thank you also.