Dear Zindagi ………..

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5. Treasure the good memories

We all have a long list of the bad memories that can make us sad, lonely and depressed. And we keep going back to them whenever we go through a low phase.

But what about the good memories?

How often do we revisit them?

Don’t they make you smile, relook at life and at a possible source of happiness?

If you have good memories, treasure them; if not, create them.

6. Talk to your parents

There comes a stage in every adult’s life when we blame our parents and cannot even have a conversation with them.

When Kaira is asked to have a 10 minute conversation with her parents, she grits her teeth.

She cannot speak to her father for more than four minutes; that time span is shorter when it comes to her mother.

Why is it so difficult to spend 10 minutes with one’s parents?

Some of our parents have sacrificed their personal likes and dislikes, their careers and given an arm and a leg to care for us.

Children born in double income households may have, at some point, felt neglected and misunderstood. It happens.

But how long will you hold that grudge against your parents?

They are not growing any younger and may want to make up for all the lost love, and the lost time, in their old age.

Have an open chat with them; forgive their mistakes and give your relationship a second chance. Your parents deserve it.