Dear Zindagi……………one

Summer, Still-Life, Daisies, Yellow

What can a therapist possibly advise a 20-something who has no clue what her problems are or where her life is leading her?

Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi reveals the mantras for a happy, fruitful life through the conversations of two amazingly sketched characters.

Aspiring filmmaker Kaira meets Dr Jehangir Khan and unlocks the secret to her happiness.

These secrets, the audience will discover, are simple treasures that we wish someone had shared with us when we were younger.

For those who haven’t watched the film, here are some lessons we all can learn from it.

1. It’s okay to choose the easy way

In the movie, Kaira breaks up with her boyfriend Raghuvendra, but is stressed because working with him in New York on an assignment is one of her biggest dreams.

She is torn between deciding whether her decision should be emotional or professional. The easiest way, she discovers, is to say no to the assignment. Simple, isn’t it?

Some decisions may look difficult and/or stressful, but may not need the attention you actually devote to them.

Sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to choose the easier, simpler path than stress over the difficult, harder path. It saves you all the hassle, doesn’t it?

2. Who are the five people who really matter?

No matter how old and successful you grow, there will be five people who matter the most — your inner circle.

These people know you inside out — they know your tantrums, your talent, your weakness and your dreams.

You are most comfortable when you are with them; at such times, you do not fear being yourself.

It is these people who really care for you and it is their opinion you should worry about. What the rest of the world thinks about you should not really matter.