Dear Zindagi…………………..

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3. Express yourself

Remember the times people stopped you from crying, feeling angry or sulking in a corner? Basically, they stopped you from expressing yourself; your emotional side was being taken for a ride.

All those piled up, conditioned emotions become the source of your problems when you grow up. You hold on to them and evaluate your current relationships and situations based on those fears and anxieties.

Forget what people say! It’s okay to let those tears roll; it’s okay to scream and tell people what you think.

If you cannot cry freely, how will you learn to express your love freely?

4. Don’t be hard on yourself

In the film, there are several instances when Kaira thinks of herself as cheap and dirty.

Reason? She has more than one boyfriend and gives up on them easily.

This self criticism is her greatest enemy, the obstacle that stands between her and her destiny.

It’s only when her therapist draws an analogy between picking the right and comfortable kursi (chair) and picking the right relationship that Kaira finally goes easy on herself.