Difference between Yoga and Meditation

Initially both Yoga and Meditation are presumed to deal with well-being of a Human,but

there’s much more than meets the eye. On analyzing, it becomes clear that Yoga consists of

allround development covering our 3 main aspects i.e. Physical, Mental & Spiritual whereas

meditation concerns particularly with the spiritual aspect of our personality. In broader

sense,meditation is contemplation on any subject but when it is related to Yoga, it mainly deals

with well-being of our soul.

There’s nothing like ideal or perfect life but sooner or later it dawns on all of us that in

our search for that satisfaction which we tried to fulfill by attending to material needs, we have

become hollow and then in vain we try different Yoga techniques to enhance our physical value.

Further we sometimes go for improving ourselves mentally. In search for that perfection, we

must realize that being in tune with The Divine Will is the one and only solution. For following

this path, we have to strive to attain harmony between our three major facets. This is what Yoga

is all about-it aims to bring about the harmonious development of our Body, Mind and Soul.

Yoga literally means addition of two quantities and this is possible only when the two quantities

are of same kind. This largely explains the significance of this simple but magnifying word i.e

Yoga aims at addition of two or more souls which itself shows our unifying force. We are all

parts of the same soul. But mere intellectual knowledge of this truth is not enough. In fact we all

know this yet we are helpless in face of adversities. This is where Yoga comes to our aid .The

different postures constituting Yoga give us physical well-being, while the mental exercises

bring about mental soundness.

The advancement on spiritual path is brought about by Meditation-this specialty of Yoga

awakens our souls and makes us realize our true selves. Meditation is our journey inwards in

search of that which we were till now searching in external gross world. It is an integral part of

Yoga and to be more specific, it is the Ultimate aim of Yoga which is to bring about Union of

our soul with the infinite.

Yoga techniques must be practiced keeping in mind their spirit enhancing aspect and not

only to bring about physical and mental health. As a consequence we become more conducive to

meditation which if practiced with sincerity will bring about pleasant change in our lives. We

just require patience to let this soul-stirring experience come about. In today’s extreme living,

Yoga brings balance to our lives and Meditation makes us realize this balance. To elaborate, it

can be stated that even if some extremities remain in our lives due to various constraints; if we

make adequate advancements spiritually through meditation we can ward off these unbalances

by our mere thought process; but for that, first we have to be honest with ourselves and then start

on this Quest with utmost integrity.