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Anytime I call on God
His answer is always the same
He never tells me oh, the sun is down
Its late, sorry I can't lend you a hand

Anytime I call on God
He never ask me to wait for a while
My priority is first on His mind
A friend's wellbeing is His outmost concern

Anytime I call on God
He remembers His promises
To save me from the life of sins
Restore my heart with love and peace

Anytime I call on God
He comes to my yield
His angels walk with me
Day and night protect me

Anytime I call on God
He says ask and ye will receive
From the richest of heaven barn
According to the depths of your need.

And He gives without my asking
telling me that He is still caring
but I never stop complaining
and yet He again restores my believing

Faith should be such that
never needs explaining
because difficulties always
bring the best in us

Because, there is no wine
if grapes are not pressed
No perfume if flowers are
not crushed

Like a gardener,He
daily waters His plant
of life in me;but fruits
grow only in the season

To beseech me to have
patience as everything
is destined to happen
at its own time

He never stops telling me
that life is like a flute
It may have many holes
and emptiness but if we

work on it carefully
it can play magical melodies
Just be simple in life
and value your blessings.

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