Guardian Angel

I’m a two-decade old girl. Through my eyes, from under my skin, the soul, the life has been a constant battle. I was born in a time that was (still is) hungry for change. I grew up in a constantly changing world and it baffled me as a child. Not sooner than now, did I realize that the world expects you to be nothing but a puppet. I was a confused kid and alone, at that. There was not a soul who matched my thinking with whom I could share my thoughts. It is very essential for our growth in the childhood years to have atleast one person we can share our thoughts with, it helps us grow in a heart-warming way. But not to be disappointed, there’s an upside to everything. If you there’s no one you have, don’t worry because you’ll have strength enough to fight all the demons by yourself. That makes you independent, makes you soft-hearted, it makes you understanding, caring; but most importantly, it makes you different.
Because we live in a world where werewolves and bloodsuckers really do exist. Every word we say and every feeling we express is pounced upon and hunted brutally. It’s a mad mad, no! It’s a sad sad sad world..
But in all the struggle I fought and survived, I did find such a person. Mann. He was there when no one was. He was (still is, forever will be) my guardian angel. Mann taught me how to survive. He helped me get back up on my feet and start all over. Mann taught me the basics and ethics of life. I was gifted, but he helped me realize it and work it out the best way possible. I could only stand firm on the ground because I had a teacher who taught me “life”.