January 9th 2013

Every year Mann organizes two trips for devotees. For the people who are not able to give their families enough time. Only for the sole reason that the families then stay together for 5 days in a blissful state. He takes up the responsibility for all the arrangements so that the families don’t tense up or bother themselves with the load of it. But since the past two years he was in a fix whether to take or not to take the trips ahead as there was a cancer patient who was in desperate need of his time, powers, and tension. And no one knew. Not even me. The man who had done everything for everyone around him was in such a dilemma but yet he never disclosed it as he didn’t want anyone to panic. Such greatness! “I personally feel that one has to fight their own wars to a certain extent”, he would say. But as time passed and he could see that there was help to be wished for, he told some families about the situation and they all turned their backs on him. So he decided to not tell anyone anything until the end. Thus he maintained secrecy.
As he contemplated his chances, he had realized that a lot of new families had entered the circle, believers he couldn’t let down. Ultimately he had no choice but to say a yes as even the new followers who had joined the circle were positive about going. But after he visited Mathura in 2012, all his fears came rushing back to him. His belief to cancel the trip tightened itself around his throat. As he disclosed this to the circle one Sunday, the old families started counter-attacking each other as to the others are the reason to cancel it. In the end, he had no choice when everyone concluded that they would plan the trip and Mann wouldn’t have to go through the preparations but as the final planning began, Mann still couldn’t shake off that feeling. Day after day some incident or the other would put omens in his way. But he was helpless as he was doing this for everyone who believed in him

His View

No good deed goes unpunished.

“The bus was stuck. The front glass was broken and people were pulling us out, one at a time. Even though I could hear them begging for me to come out, I wanted to be the last one to leave the bus. In all the chaos, it took me a while to come back into my senses. As I regained consciousness and looked around, I saw the only ones left behind inside were me and Mrs. —-. As I moved closer to get a better view of why she wasn’t able to move, I saw that her hand was stuck in the gap between the back and the seat and she was frantically struggling to free herself. Outside the same window, her daughter was shouting and screaming, a natural reaction any normal human being would produce when confronted by their worst fears. As I looked into the girl’s eyes, I saw that everything she had bottled up inside of her was erupting out in the worst possible ways and words, of course. And I could sense that the reason we had brought her to the trip was because we had to cure her distress. So I let her be.

Turning a deaf ear to all the shouting and wailing, I made it clear that the first and foremost important action to be taken was to rescue Mrs. —– which looked impossible, manually. Using all the manual power as well as the spiritual forces, it is inexplicable, how she was finally rescued. It is then that I saw another horrific view. Something no one had noticed in all the mess. When Mrs. —- was pulled up, I saw a lifeless Ved, the boy who, none of those rescued had noticed was missing. His only fault was that he was sitting beside the window and had removed his shoes and tucked his feet under the same gap while the bus was in motion? I called for help and we tried but failed to pull him up. Someone suggested we wait for the crane to finally arrive so that it can move the bus up which would make it easier to pull Ved out. I still cannot forget that. The view that I could see from the milestone I was sitting on; When the crane had finally arrived and started to pull the bus up, Ved’s body slid out just that easily through the window on which his face was partly rested on.

After I was pulled out of the bus into safety I knew my work wasn’t finished yet. With a heavy heart, I looked around me. As we had waited for the crane to arrive, I now realized that my second priority was to look for and provide first-aid for the rest who were injured. But thankfully, some passerby had rung up for help to the Katra (local) hospital. In the meantime, everyone thought it was a waste of time sitting and waiting. The other two buses of our group were also on their way back to the spot and we were all trying to stop people who were travelling by cars. Not surprisingly, no one, absolutely none of the cars or people stopped to help us. Turns out that a huge, overturned bus or perhaps injured men, women, even children about asking for help wasn’t sight enough for a single soul to reach out to us. How much does it take? What has the world become? Or were we really like this since the beginning of our time?”

These questions would haunt me, just like they haunted you. But we’ll find answers now, my little girl. Won’t we?

“Once out of the bus, after the shock had settled in, I realized that I couldn’t walk. My back was seriously injured so I got help and propped myself upon a lone stone milestone. But it just wasn’t over. Through all the shouting and all the images that were piercing my insides, the wailing of the bus conductor who was still stuck under the front tyre of the bus. All we could do was wait helplessly for the crane to arrive and lift the bus so he could be rushed to the hospital. Shockingly, he was still conscious and in such excruciating pain. I cannot express what I was going through, listening to him above the rest. His cries were burning. As I was drifting in and out my thoughts, looking at all those people who were roaming about – bloodied, tired, shocked; I fell into a flashback….

I have known Mann for more than a decade now. But like most of the people in our circle, I was completely unaware of his life story, of he was in real. Yes, it sounds weird. The person writing this was unaware of who he was. But like I said we share a bond. An unspoken bond that made me believe in him, trust him, and love him. My Godfather is a man a barely knew in actual back then. But his aura speaks.. and somehow everything connects….

I was the privileged one. After everything that happened, Mann respected my trust and love for him enough that he opened his doors only for me. To finally reveal the mysteries that made this Demigod who he is. Not everyone is a believer. We always find skeptics. It’s the law of nature. Balance. Good and Evil. Believers and Skeptics. Friends and Enemies. Love and Hate. Everything has to be balanced in order of survival. So since there was the good here, so was the evil. Evil isn’t necessarily a force. It’s as vast as it’s opposite so let’s not go there. But a man who was once surrounded by a crowd and who did all he could for them, now wanted to be alone. I was the only one he talked to. So now I know.. and thus I’ll write

You know what is immeasurable? The suffering which we all go through, as individuals. The pain inflicted on the soul often leaves us damaged in a way that we lose all hope to survive. There are some wounds far greater than the highest level of world reckoned tragedies, all because we go through personal injuries on our own. Fighting the battle or winning is not our test. Our greatest test is to build up the right amount of courage to handle the pain, to have sufficient faith, to be able to bless each being in times when we need it ourselves the most.
We have to understand that healing takes it’s time. God leads us through the path that we pave, sometimes guiding us through a different light, a new direction. All we have to do is believe