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Pranam Bhai,

Words fail me but you didn’t – thank you for all you’ve done. I wish I had the words to express my gratitude. Thanks so much for everything. And even if I say this over and again for a million times, I will still feel it is not enough for all what you have done and have been doing for us for years. I still remember the first time I walked in your office on Sunday with Papa and you appreciated me for a simple answer. I didn’t even realized when your appreciation became the most important part of my life. And just like how I wanted Papa Mumma and rest all in the family to be proud of me I started wanting you also to be proud of what I do and me. I should say I will always want this. I didn’t even realized when your small talks and gestures started making a big difference in my life and how they changed my approach and reaction towards situations life offered me. Definitely you silently mentored me in the person I am today and if someone says I am a good being its just because of You.

Today when I try to pen down all what we have experienced together as a family words are falling short. Thanks Bhai for being there through thick and thin especially for me. You gave me hope when I thought hope was gone. Thank you so much for helping me. My life and I am sure anyone’s life who you touched is nothing less than a miracle. And mine especially has lots to quote. The recent one is for sure beyond anyone’s imagination. The day when I mentioned you that this is what has to be done I knew the practical chances of it to come true were almost negligible. But the faith in You was more than a million percent. And here I am sitting in this country and writing yet another miracle of my life which came possible just because of You.

Thanks Bhai for guiding me to the path of God and Guru. I learnt from you that when you leave everything in God’s Hand you start finding God’s Hand in everything. Thanks for teaching me this. I am truly blessed that I have got You molding me in this lifetime and making a better person day by day. Seek Your’s, God’s and Gurus’ Blessings in this new land and a new life.

Your Sweetheart