Pranaam Bhaiya,

Today, I also want to share with you details about Richie’s stop over in Delhi before he went to Russia…and this is so that you remember his zest for adventure, his love for great food and his zeal to do “something”. I want to celebrate that X factor Richie had…that want to roam this world unbridled and charting a path all his own…till he hit a roadbump he gave into which is something I know will always be the biggest pain point in your life as a parent and a guide.

In the day that he spent with us he and Isshaan were bonded like twins — going on a culinary journey to Cyber Hub (which is I wanted to bring you there alone when you came last Sunday, you would have realized why he fell in love with the place). Calling me massi and reveling in the attention he got and all the cooking I did ( I swear Bhaiyya khub cakes and parathe banaye uske liye), he had the innocence of a child while demanding more of what he liked — a quality that I found so endearing in him. I am so, so glad that the memories I have of him are really enjoying life, food, and love around him and his dreams.

lots of love and happy memories of Richie. I know I will be in Bangalore on the 22nd and maybe Microsoft will take over my time…but just to let you know that you and he will always be in our hearts and his essence will always live on …

I pray you find the strength to forgive those who did wrong by him to follow your true path of being the spiritual guide and mentor which is the larger purpose that life has charted for you.

We are but minions and can only follow the path walked and led by you. Alone, we’d stray and lose hope and happiness.

Don’t know anything that I can say that will take away the loss or the pain…



क्षमा करें
जाके पाँव न फटी बौराई|
सो का जाने पीर पराई||
ये दिया तो कभी बुझ नहीं सकता अपितु इसकी लौ तो हमेशा कायम रहेगी|कुछ समय पहले तक तो ये सीमित थी लेकिन अब ये सर्वत्र है|यकीन मानिए,इसकी रौशनी से हम सब भी रौशन हैं वरना अब तक न जाने क्या-क्या हो जाता|गर्व करिए,सुरंग के अंत की इस रौशनी पर वरना अब तक तो सब अंधेरे में ही भटक रहे थे|आँखों को,वजूद को;चौंधियानेवाली इस रौशनी को आपही तो सहन कर सकते हैं,अपने में समाहित कर सकते हैं|ये लौ उस शून्य में प्रवाहित हो रही है जो ईश्वर द्वारा प्रदत्त उस मार्ग को रौशन कर रही है जिसपर चलकर हमें उसी शून्य तक तो पहुँचना है


yeh toh sab hamari samazh sey pare hai……..ham sab is duniya mey is fikr mey lagey rahtey hai ki hamara performance iss duniya key rangmanch pey kaisa hoga……aur bhagwan apna performance kar jata ha aur hamey krur sacchai dikhata …….. aur hum phir sey is duniya mey apna aur bhi kathin kirdar nibhaney lagte hai…..paristithi key hisab sey apney gestures bhi badal letey hai….