Utmost Gratitude

Gratitude, Prayer, Love, Thanks, Spiritual, Worship

For my Mentor, Teacher, Friend and Guide

From near and far,
Looks, religion and caste no bar,
They gather in flocks,
To try and remove those depressing blocks
Emotional, physical and mental,
That to progress is so detrimental.

Who is it then that is their messiah?
Who shoos away those demonic pariahs
That suck at their very life force
Making them veer off life’s course.
An uncommon common man is he
Intent on setting all negativity free.
All he asks is for you to keep your belief
Assured there will be heavenly intervention and relief.

The first mistake he pardons with glee.
But keep making them and you’ll lose him in the melee.
He believes that if you do not stray,
Rainbow colours will definitely wash out the greys.
His teachings you need to read between the lines
If you learn them well, you look for the sublime.
Whetting your appetite for lessons of life
His energy protects you from a lot of its strife.

I’ve had mentors many,
But there are none like him
Who teach you against the currents to swim.
He handholds you just enough to prevent you from falling
Pushing you gently to answer your true calling.

His silence can often put you in a bind.
While a million questions race through your supercharged mind
He leads you through a merry chase,
It’s exasperating; you feel lost in a maze.
He eggs you on and you want to tear your hair.
You find the answers within. They were always there!

He’s a guru I tested to know his true worth,
He played along knowingly, bubbling with mirth.
A true yogi who plays his role with finesse,
The minute you meet him you become angst-less.
That’s the guru who taught me to always really look
To never judge what’s inside by the cover on the book

“Don’t ask for a life without any pain,
Ask for the strength to overcome the strain.
To fight against the odds and come out on top
And if you can smile through it all the way long,
You will be on a roll, no need for any prop.”

There are still times I fall and scrape my soul,
All he does is smile and point me to my goal.
Oh a thousand fires he ignites inside of you
It’s just passage of rites to know you are true.
To see him work his magic is an honoured treat
See him heal with his words in a few heartbeats
As enlightenment dawns and the hurt retreats.

When he is around, life seems like a song.
I wish him a life that is substantial and long!

— Gunjan Batra
July 26, 2012