You are our Sunshine..

Dear Bhaiyya,

Pranaam. It’s been so so long since I managed to hear your voice.

I know, I know we are connected on another level, lekin there is something

very reassuring to hear a positive voice at the other end of the phone every

once in a while.

Aapka explanation here also I know — when you don’t talk you are

meditating with the higher energies to help and enable all of us. I know that

also. lekin human hoon na abhi sant nahi banee, so please kabhi toh baat

kar lijiye.

Beech mein itnaa pangaa hua yahaan — mujhe jo profile diya mujhe bilkul

pasand nahin aaya — ek mahina toh sirf baithee — kuch kaam bhee nahin

kiya coz i was so stressed and then i decided that i should allow any one to

rob me of my dignity so spoke, cried, explained — it was very tough for me

lekin i mustered up the courage to say i cannot allow it. that i was not

running away from hard work, lekin from bad attitude. there has been some


Mere dimaag mein aajkal kuch zyada hee retirement ke khayaal aa rahein

hain — I spoke to massi very honestly and said if I invest my life’s saving to

build on her plot in chandigarh will she register that part in my name — she

said yes. ( i am actually thinking that the house needs to be rebuilt — so will

construct a lower ground floor which will be my studio cum hobby centre,

and we can stay with her on the upper ground floor and 1st and 2nd floor is

mama’s — so he can build it as he wishes) Aapka kyaa kehnaa hai —

shoudl i do it?

Kabhie toh sochti hoon koi amirzyada dhoond ke yeh sab job ke chakkron

se mukt ho kar apnaa pottery mein magn ho jaayoon. help karo na.

Weight 20kgs kamm ho chukaa hai — 15 kg aur ghataane ka target hai.

Aur Bhaiyya aapne promise kiya thah ki april-may mein aaplog sab —

meaning aapki family aur 2-4 aur log — hum sab di ke nainital walle resort

mein jaayenge. Kyaa hua plan ka?

Arre Bhaiyya, phone uthaa ke daant hee do na. Missing your guidance and


While I do understand the some foolish people have bothered you so

much, please don’t cut yourself off from at least those who have full faith in

you and have stood the test of time.


I know you are upset because some people have behaved stupidly. However, were you not the

one to say that we should not give people who disturb us space in our mind.

Then why are you allowing it to disturb you so much. It is not your fault. (History has proved

that the Guru’s are always doubted and there are some shaitans always around to undo the good


Maybe all you need to do is choose followers worthy of you, your guidance and your ever-

evolving, progressive thoughts.

Please, I beseech you, don’t leave those who put all their faith in you and have a long way to

learn still is the middle of the journey.

I am committing to the biggest deal of my life and when I can’t even speak to you, who has been

the biggest influencer of my life, it get very worried and unsure.

Just believe that detractors who do not deserve you and cannot see the goodness you bring to

their lives will always be around. As God’s messenger you will have to learn to ignore them or

they will have succeeded in their mission to incapacitate you. Don’t fail the power vested in you

by God.

Have always spoken my heart to you, am doing the same today. Please forgive me for choti muh

badi baat….